Third party laboratory testing:

Third party laboratory testing: 

CE,FCC,ROHS Certificate

Professional  OEM/ODM Manufacturing   Shenzhen Ruixinlian Technology Co., Ltd,

Switch Aging Tesing

Product Testing

Production inspection

Ruixinlian Technology  More standardized and reasonable PCB design, imposition, processing, testing, to minimize our production costs, so that our PCB design meets the technical standards of manufacturability, testability, safety, EMC, EMI.

R&D verification

Shenzhen Ruixinlian Technology Co., Ltd ,Manufacturer for intelligent PoE

 in China. focus on security industry over 11 years,combining research, 

manufacture, sales and services for PoE and Optical transmission products.

 All of the products support OEM/ODM Factory Focuse on PoE and Networking

 Solution .

SMT Line

Shenzhen Ruixinlian Technology Co., Ltd  ,Products have passed CCC certification, public security three tests, CE, FCC, RoHS etc , lightning protection detection, network access licenses. Customers can rest assured that we are at ease

R&D verification

New product conversions must pass through the experiments of complex physical environments in specialized third-party laboratories, such as climatic environment experiments, mechanical environment experiments, and EMC experiments—radiation emissions, surges, and electrostatic discharges. Any new product must pass the tests of Spirent series TestCenter, Nustreams-600 and IXIA XM12 to ensure that the product can run at full line rate in various networking environments.

PCBA processing

Ruixinlian Technology has always been committed to creating a one-stop production chain for production and manufacturing, continuously investing in advanced production equipment and technology to ensure high-precision, high yield, and mass production.

Self built SGS reliability implementation room, strict inspection and testing process, including functional testing, performance testing, and reliability verification, to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

Reliability verification includes environmental testing such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, and vibration to ensure that the product can operate stably in different environments.

Multiple ways to ensure short product manufacturing cycles, quickly respond to customer needs, provide timely delivery guarantees, and meet various customer needs.