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ShenZhen RuiXinLian Technology Co., Ltd

ShenZhen RuiXinLian Technology Co., Ltd was established in Shenzhen ,China , it is a professional Switch network communications equipment production and focus on security industry over 10 years.R/D and sales in one of the manufacturers , Headquartered in ShenZhen Longhua. Our main products include POE switches, industrial Ethernet switches etc.

We have an experienced technical R & D team,who proficient in hardware design, software programming to provide professional ODM services base on different customer needs.ShenZhen Rui Xin Lian Technology Co., Ltd has a 3800 square of processing factory, 4 SMT placement production lines, a test aging line, and a monthly production capacity of 35,000-55,000 units. 

As a national high-tech enterprise, we have a number of research patents, and in the production process in strict compliance with CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS etc .International standards,those standards which covered in our product R&D services and management. 

Our company products are exported to over 50 countries on five continents and distributions , Offices are all around the world,providing high-quality products ,outstanding service,and advanced overall solutions.

We are research and development, manufacturing, and sales, Provide customers with standardized and customized solutions and high-quality services and welcome visit us .Looking forward to working with you.

RuixinLian Switch products have undergone dozens of tests and third-party laboratory certifications to ensure their quality And the performance meets industry standards and customer requirements. These tests and certifications include but are not limited to the following aspects:

Functional testing: Ensure that the switch has all expected functions and port configurations. Performance testing: Measure the throughput, latency, packet loss rate, and other performance indicators of the switch to ensure that it meets expectations Performance level of.

Compatibility testing: Testing the compatibility of switches with other network devices to ensure compatibility with various Seamless communication between devices.

Reliability testing: Conduct long-term, high-load usage testing to ensure the stability and durability of the switch. Security testing: Check the security functions of the switch, such as firewall, access control, etc., to ensure compliance Relevant safety standards and customer requirements.

Environmental adaptability testing: Conduct testing in extreme environments to verify that the switch operates at different temperatures, humidity

Adaptability under conditions such as radiation.

Third party laboratory certification: Certified by multiple well-known third party laboratories, such as CNAS, TUV ,CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. to ensure that the product meets relevant standards and requirements.

These tests and certifications not only validate the quality and performance of our switch products, but also provide users with Reliable guarantee.

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Let  Ruixinlian Technology, become the home of the staff.


Ruixinlian Technology will be molded as a well-known global brand in the field of security transmission, security transmission characteristics of the "Innovative R&D+Intelligent manufacturing" ecosystem, the Ruixinlian Technology to become a staff love,customer care, user favorite warm  enterprise.


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